Best tour ever – Reykjavik Outventure – Golden circle, Secret Lagoon & Farm food

“Only 5 of us on the tour with the most informative, caring young man. I was sceptical at the beginning that we had paid too much compared to other tours but we certainly got value for money as it would have normally have taken two tours to see the number of attractions we visited. plus lunch.

The addition of Secret Lagoon was wonderful and so much nicer than the huge commercial Blue Lagoon plus the Farm Visit with the all inclusive delicious luncheon of all homemade foods including their amazing ice-cream. Cannot recommend highly enough & could not believe we had been out over 10 hours.

– definitely the highlight of our 5 day trip.”


Thanks to for helping us scratch the Northern Lights off our bucket list!

“We’ve been talking about coming to Iceland to see the Northern Lights for over five years. When we finally arrived we booked a small group tour with another company that was a complete disaster, largely due to a tour leader who was more interested in chatting up a woman in the van than looking for the lights and communicating with the guests. When mentioned to the manager at the Hotel Borg how disappointed we were to be going home without seeing the lights, she talked us into giving it another shot on our last night in Iceland Reykjavik Outventure. So glad we took her advice — Christian did an amazing job tracking down the Northern Lights — not once, but twice. Our first spectacular “visit” lasted over 40 minutes and the encore on the way back to Reykjavik lasted over 20 minutes. In between our two visits we got to enjoy the hot chocolate and and amazing cinnamon buns. Thanks Christian and Johann of Reykjavik Outventure for providing us with a fantastic, one-in-a-lifetime experience”

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