Reykjavík Outventure

Reykjavík Outventure was founded in 2018 by Jóhann. After having been at sea as a captain or first mate for the last 12 years it was time for something new. After countless talks and brainstorming with colorful characters of the trawler about the trips of their dreams an idea was born:

A company that specializes in offering opportunities and unique personal experiences to those who like to have fun in an informative way. Reykjavík Outventure is exactly that!

Our team

Jóhann Guðni

Owner and an awesome guide

Jóhann or Jói is a funny guy who speaks a lot (in a good way) and loves telling stories. He’s very open although he thinks of himself as being shy.

His hair has started to fall out but he doesn´t mind so it´s alright to stare.

A good guy who enjoys swimming in the – 2°C ocean in all weather conditions and plays football (real football: soccer).

He eats red meat for every meal, even breakfast, and is always up for an adventure!


Our Big daddy

Gunni is a single father. He is a rapper who sings about something else than all the other rappers. He was born and raised on the ghetto streets of Reykjavik city. Today he shows people what it was like to live on the streets of Reykjavik. He thinks he is a Viking, but he is nothing compared to Johann the Viking.

He is 2,5 meters high and is often called Iceland Santa Clause. Why, we do not know yet. Maybe because he always shows up in a Santa Clause costume. 

Well beside that, he is a really beautiful human being and often raps some of his songs to his guests. If you will take our city walk or Esja hike, you will probably meet Gunni.

Kiddi the silver fox

our chairman or little schoolboy?

You have heard the saying “Been there, done that and bought the T-shirt”.
Kiddi has actually done that. There is almost nothing he has not done.

He is trying to be a silver fox, but he can only grow a few gray hairs in his beard. But he wants people to call him the fox.

Kiddi the silver fox likes to jog 20 km every day in all weathers. He is a real Viking.

He is an awesome friend and you can always count on him.

Thor the grateful

The dramatic actor

Thorir is a man of many principles most of which he doesn’t live by. He kind of just lives on his impulses so we think it’s best to just let that beast be free.

And when he gets to be free, he makes magics happens on a daily basis with our guests. That´s why, our guests are always happy! some guests believe that he’s the god of thunder, but we are fairly certain that he’s not

The Outventure team are really grateful to have him. He´s an awesome friend and a human being.

Maja The golden girl

Our social media marketer

Have you ever seen Batman? Maja is not him. Although she is the woman who keeps control of the men in Reykjavik Outventure team. If it wouldn´t be for her, Reykjavik Outventure would look like a Christmas tree without decoration. She has the imagination and creativity of a 4 year old child. She just can´t stop creating! Everything she touches turns into gold
We are really lucky to have her on our team.

Reykjavík Outventure specializes in offering opportunities and unique personal experiences.  But don´t just take our word for it! See the testimonials.


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