Hike on mount Esja with guide

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From ISK 12'000

  • Pick up From your hotel
  • Go on a guided walking tour on the beautiful Mount Esja
  • Eat Skyr at the famous “Stone” high up in Esja
  • Go for a swim and hot tub stop in Lágafellslaug pool
  • Drop off at your hotel
  • This tour is ideal for nature lovers

From ISK 12'000

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What you will do

The guide will pick you up at your hotel

We hike up the mountain, but definitely won’t forget to stop and fill our water bottles with fresh Icelandic spring water.

When we get up to the “Stone”, we´ll give you Skyr to eat so you can gather your energy for the hike back down. Sitting there, enjoying the Icelandic delicacy while admiring the view isn’t something you´ll soon forget!

After the hike you can rest your tired feet and body at Lágafellslaug swimming pool. Of course, you don’t have to get in if you don’t want to. But if you do, make sure you try out the lovely hot tubs, steam bath and sauna. We recommend doing the cold tub.

The guide will take you back to your hotel afterwards


Meeting point

Pick up and drop off


4 hours


English only

Starting time


Hiking distance

13,2 km (8,2 miles) at 600 meter (0,4 miles) elevation


Hotel PickUp/DropOff, guidance, pool entrance fee, skyr

Please bring: Good hiking shoes, water bottle, appropriate clothing depending on weather, swimwear and towel (it’s possible to rent them for a fee at the pool). 

This unique guided walking tour to Mount Esja certainly is one of its kind! Not only will you get a great guide who knows all about Reykjavík and Mount Esja, but we’ve added a pool trip as well! This tour comes highly recommended by travelers and locals due to excellent value for money and overall quality.

As soon as you enter Reykjavík city you’ll notice Mount Esja towering over the city in the distance. It’s a very popular hiking route for Icelandic locals and provides a fantastic view over the city. There’s even a group of (crazy) people who run up Mount Esja every day. But don’t worry, we´ll take our time hiking up so you´ll have plenty of time to admire the view and chat with the guide.


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