Fly fishing in Iceland 
There are a lot of places that you can go to fly fishing here in Iceland, if I would write all of those places, 
you would spend allday long reading this blog. 
When people catch fish here in Iceland with flyfishing, they often let the fish go back to the water alive
so another people can catch the fish later.
They say in Iceland when you catch your first salmon you have to bite the hunting fin off, there you
can see video of me biting the hunting fin off my first salmon, but I didn’t know that I wasn’t suppose
to eat it, so I swallowed the hunting fin, lovely. 
I got few pictures that I wanted to show you from friends!
This 14 pound and 92 cm  Salmon was cought in Fossá. 
the name of the hook was "Sunray Shadow"

These 5 pound Arctic charrs were cought in Kaldakvísl
the name of the hook was "Peacock"

These 4 pound Arctic charrs were cought in Úlffljótsvatni
the name of the hook was "The hook"

This 10 pound Trout was cought on secret place,
the name of the hook was "Black Ghost"

These sea trouts were cought in Eldvatn
The name of the hooks the worked on that tour were
"black ghost, nobbler, sunray shadow, dentist and rektor."