Few places close to Keflavik Airport that you must see! 


It's so wonderful to take whole day off and see what Iceland has to offer, there are so many places! 
We decided to take a drive around Reykjanes and we did this for 1 day, we hope you enjoy the pictures from the road trip! 


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Bridge between continents 
The bridge between Continents lies across a canyon that was formed due to the movement of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. 
The Reykjanes peninsula lies on the boundary between these two tectonic plates, which are continuously drifting apart.
The rift between the plates manifests itself on the surface as canyons or crevices. It is estimated that the plates drift around 2cm a year,
or 2m over a period of 100 years, in opposite directions. 


There you can see me holding the bridge between continents without breaking sweat



This is very beautiful place that has a lot of beauty were the view is stunning, you can see a lot of our fines bird species
in one place.  When it's windy you can see the waves beating the reef. 
You can see Eldey island far away on the sea, it's sheer cliffs are home to large number of birds about 16.000 pairs,
including one of the largest northern colonies in the world,, this colony can now be watched live via two webcams that are
located on top of the island.

press here for webcam. The webcam are off during the darkness. 


When the Northern lights ( aurora borealis ) comes in the time of winter, I'll be at this place watching them!




The name of Gunnuhver derives from a ghost, Gunna. 
She failed to pay her rent to man named Villhjálmur, so he took away her only property, a cooking pot. By this Gunna became mad with fury,
refused to drink holy water and dropped dead. 
On the way to the cemetery the men who carried Gunna's coffin noticed that it became suspiciously lighter. 

And while the grave was dug, people heard: "no need deep to dig, no plans long to lie" and obviusly this was Gunna talking, now a hateful specter.  
Next night body of Villhjálmur was found blue with broken bones and soon his wife was found dead, this was revenge of Gunna. 
Some people gone gone mad and others died so they sent Eiríkur a known sorcerer to help put Gunna down. Eiríkur gave the a ball of yarn.
Was Gunna to take the loose end and the ball would roll to a place where she would do no harm and the last seen of Gunna was her falling into the
pit and the name Gunnuhver stuck. 


Click on the picture for Video!


Blue Lagoon 

This is world class spa that has a cure for the skin, also for the psoriasis.  Blue lagoon is amazing outside and inside,
the area outside of Blue Lagoon is lava covered in moss and mountains. They have restaurant, massages and a lot
of healthy products for sale. I took this picture inside Blue Lagoon 

I took the second photo outside of Blue Lagoon, were you
can enjoy yourself in walking path.  It doesn’t cost anything.