Reykjavik Treasure Hunting

Is food, beer and everything included in the price?
Everything is included in this tour. You never have to take up your wallet unless you will buy something outside the tour.
Do I have to bring my own phone?
You do not have to bring your phone. We have a tablet that you will use to go through the game and take pictures and videos. But it is fun for you to have memories from the tour so we recommend you to take tour phone to take personal pictures.

What should I wear?
Always be aware of the weather. We have a link on our website for the weather in Reykjavik for the next few days. But if you have any questions about what to wear for the day you will be coming, just ask us and we will try to help you.

Is there a pick up or drop off?
No we do not have a pick up or drop off for this tour.

What is the tour duration?
It is from 2 and a half hour to 3 and a half hour. It depends on how fast you go through the tour.

I have dietery restrictions or allergies.
You will be eating cheese so if you only have lactose intolerance then you will be ok, but if you are allergic to milk then the cheese tasting is not for you. But that´s the only thing. If there is any allergies and intolerance, just say so in the booking and we will sort something out J

Is there any age limit?
No there is not, but if you are under 18, then you have to have a parent with you. And no beer tasting.

What is the limit for guests?
There isn´t any limit. If you are a big group, just let us know and we will arrange your group in 2-3 person teams.

Is the tour in English?
Yes, and only English
Can I show up at tour and pay with cash?
No I´m sorry because we have to arrange with our partners how many are coming for each day. You can only book and pay online.

Do you offer group or package discount?
Yes. Send us an email and talk to us J

What kind of cards do you allow and what do you not?

Do you only book online?

Can I get your tour if it´s full?
Yes that´s possible. Make an inquiry online and we will arrange something. No worries.

Do you have a refund policy?
No refund in case of cancellation in the 5 days prior excursion day.

If cancel in between 6 to 14 days prior excursion day, there will be 50% cancellation fees.

If cancel between 15 to 29 days prior excursion day, there will be 25% cancellation fees.

If 30 days or more prior excursion, only 10% are kept as cancellation fee.