Reykjavík Outventure

The company was founded by 2 sailors called Jóhann and Sveinn, who met while studying in the “captain school”
(In captain school one learns to be a captain or first mate on ships). 
A few years later they worked together, first on a “long liner ship” then on a trawler.
They often discussed the possibilities and opportunities that were available in tourism in Iceland.
They wanted to offer visitors fun activities that centre on personal experiences, those that memories are made of.
Later Jóhann called Svenni with a business proposal. The idea was a Treasure Hunt.
They decided that after 12 years at sea it was time to try something new.

So that´s how Reykjavík Outventure came to be a company that specializes in offering opportunities for unique personal experiences,
to those who like to have fun and want to go home with good memories.  


Our staff

Jóhann Guðni

Owner, Co-Founder and guide
Jóhann is the kind of guy that thinks he is shy and reserved, but actually he really speaks a lot, and all the time.
He is a funny guy who enjoys telling stories. 
His hair is starting to fall out and he doesn´t like it when people stare. When Jóhann is telling one of his long stories,
I must admit that I find myself staring and cannot help thinking that he will be bald before his is 45 years old. 

He is a good guy who enjoys swimming in the - 2°C ocean, in all weather conditions and plays football.
He eats red meat in every meal, even breakfast and is always up for an adventure. 



Owner, Co-Founder and guide
A former Icelandic fisherman who doesn´t drink coffee!  Hmmm... maybe because he's half Philippine?
We at the office, call him Svenni the penni(pen), but usually he's just called Penni.
He´s a great guy and the most hyperactive kick boxer that exists.
He always has a smile on his face and he jokes continuously.
He's a real beer lover and always has one on hand. So if you are thirsty, just ask him!



Margrét is tough countrygirl that enjoys going to the gym. 
She is originally from the west of Iceland. 
Her grandfather has a sheep with 5 horns. 
No, it is not a joke, just ask her. If you still don't believe it, take a look at this picture
She speaks Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and English, so she can tell you about that sheep in 5 languages.
She's always laughing and she is easy going, so it´s easy to have fun around her.
She knitted the Icelandic sweather that Svenni is wearing in the picture above. It is made from Icelandic wool.