Road trip to the west of Iceland 


We wanted to get away for a while and go out of Reykjavík City. We made a decision to go see the west of Iceland.
We stayed 2 nights and got to see Bolungarvík, Isafjörður and Hnífsdalur. 
These towns aren't far from each other and short time to drive around, we knew a lot of fun people that live in the area. 
On our way home, we stopped at a few places where there was nature swimming pools and met few tourists from
Germany, Hungary and The Netherlands and they were enjoying the nature and the pools. 
I made few videos for you, hope that you enjoy them!
Click Here to see Route of places on Google Maps 


There are lot of boats in the west of Iceland, you can go whale watching, sightseeing, catch some fish on a boat,
or maybe go to 1 trip with my friend Elli for free but you have to work for this 12 hours trip just send me message
and I'll ask him for you if it's ok 3 people max. 


Who doesn’t like sheep? A lot of women here in Iceland knows how to knit out of a sheep's wool, and when you come to Iceland
I highly recommend that you taste Icelandic lamb! Yummie! But they're also nice animals, so I took some photos for you to check
out of the Icelandic sheep, on this time of the year the sheeps are having little lambs.

Be careful because of the sheep's in Iceland 

Doesn’t matter where you are driving around Iceland, we got lot of sheeps all over the country you have to be careful
because sometime the sheep's walk on the road where you are driving, so you have to watch out. 
Check out my video what you should do if the  sheep get in your way on the road and doesn’t move, but you should be
careful of the cars as well so you don’t get hurt.


We went to check out old maritime museum called Ósvör. 
The Maritime Museum Ósvör stands on the east side of Bolungarvik, down by the sea. 
The museum contains a double 19th century fishing base, a salt hut, a fish drying area and a drying hut. 
Among the pieces displayed, there is the rowboat Ölver that gives a good idea of the kind of ships that were used for
fishing in that time.
In the museum are also for display all kinds of fishing equipment and various tools that were used for fishing and fish
production in the time of the fishing base. 
The curator greets visitors wearing a skin suit that is similar to the one Icelandic sailors worn in that time and describes
what is to see there. 

What you should see

I took few photos of places in Bolungarvík and Hnífsdal that I thought was cool 


There´s a shop in Bolungarvík that sells a lot of knitting products and a lot of other cool stuff, everything in this
shop is handmade! 
Those women have life experience of knitting and are extremely good at it, this shop is 25 years old this year. 
They meet once a week and drink coffee together and anyone can join them and have a little chat over coffee
The name of the shop is Drymla and is located on street called Vitastígur , if you can't find it then you can ask
anyone where it is in Bolungarvík. 
If the shop is closed then there is a phone number on the door that you can call and they will open the shop for you. 
This woman was so kind to open the shop for me and I took some photos 


Natural hot tub/Swimming pool

On our way back we checked out 3 cool natural heating hot tubs and 1 swimming pool
They we're in Drangsnes, Reykjanes  ( in the west ) close to Reykjanes hotel and Laugar close to Hólmavík 


Best Pizza! 

We met out friend Gunnar, he is working on pizza place called Mamma Nina located in Ísafjörður 
If you want special pizza, don’t be shy and ask for this guy, just say "Hey is Gunnar working here? I want special Gunnar's
pizza" he has been making pizza for decade. 
We call this pizza Gunnar's pizza and it includes: 
Chicken, barbecue, ham and pepperoni.  



We recommend this hotel if you want to stay in Ísafjörður 

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Situated in central Isafjördur, on Silfurtorg Square, this hotel offers 
a restaurant and bar and panoramic views of the fjord
and surrounding mountains. 
Guests can enjoy free in-room Wi-Fi and free parking. 
Hotel Isafjördur’s modern guest rooms feature a private
 bathroom and tea and coffee making facilities. 
Isafjördur Hotel’s in-house restaurant serves international
 dishes with an Icelandic twist.
A gift shop is available on site, and cars and bicycles can be rented
at reception.  Hotel Isafjördur is within a few minutes’ walk of 
attractions such as Westfjord Maritime Museum and 
Edinborg Cultural Centre.
Shops, cafés and restaurants are right outside the door.