Guided Reykjavík Museum, Food & Drink Walking Tour

A local guide shows you around the city

Visit many of Reykjavík’s most epic sites like Hallgrímskirkja

Discover Icelandic delicacies in a fun way

Have a taste of beer, cheese, meat and fish

Very small groups

Plenty of opportunities to chat with the guide or ask questions

Everything included in price

Tour description

Reykjavik is Iceland´s only city. The rest are mere towns.
Reykjavik is a vibrant city with countless restaurants, museums, stores, bars, clubs, galleries and swimming pools. The city truly gives off the vibe of a cosmopolitan city of millions although its inhabitants are just around a 100 thousand people.
On this city walk your guide will take you to see some of Reykjavik landmarks and offer local insights on the way. You will taste all the best of what Reykjavik has to offer, including all the local food and drinks.

You will meet up at Perlan (The Pearl) and from the top of her you will get a spectacular 360º view of the capital region.
You will make your way downtown and on the way there you stop at the Phallological museum. Wow that sounds fancy you are thinking. Lets face it. It´s a penis museum. Before you enter this awesome museum, you will get the hardest part of this tour over. Tasting the fermented shark. Tasting the fermented shark is a must do! This is one of Iceland´s oldest traditions. This is how we stored our food back in the day. With it you will have a shot of Black Death. It is a must do to taste the local food. Even though it is just a small bite.
The phalluses on display there range from Moby´s Dick to a human penis.
Hopefully not emotionally scarred you move on down main street and make a stop at Brauð & Co (Bread and Co) where you will literally get the best buns in the world. That is a promise!  From there you walk up to the Hallgrímskirkja church and join all the other tourists in marveling at her humble beauty. Next to her is the statue of.. Well who is the statue of?
On your way down to the harbor we will stop for a meat and cheese tasting. You will be really surprised by this. Next you will check out Reykjavik´s pond and see all this bird life we have downtown city.
The last stop is at Kopar restaurant by the harbor for a fish of the day meal, desert and tasting some Icelandic beers. For those who do not like beers, you can have wine instead without any extra cost. All included.
We truly recommend this little trip for a different and local view of Reykjavik.

There is free wifi the whole tour. Even when your walking.



3 to 4 hours



Meeting point:



All included, Free wifi

Starting time:

10:00, 15:00


3 to 4 hours


All included, Free wifi




Every day

Starting time

10:00, 15:00


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