Layover Reykjanes Peninsula, drink and food tour from Keflavik airport

Have fun with a local Viking guide

Taste Icelandic food and beers

Taste grass- and seaweed-fed lamb

Explore the Reykjanes peninsula

Enjoy the famous Icelandic Skyr

Visit a geothermal area and lava fields

Tour description

In this fantastic layover tour, you will be picked up by a local Viking guide (don’t worry, he won’t be dressed in a costume) at Keflavik airport. He will take you around Reykjanes for 3-4 hours to see Reykjanes‘s most beautiful spots. While he´s showing you around, he will tell you stories of elves and trolls.

During the tour, you´ll start by marveling at the lighthouse „Garðskagarviti“ while you‘re tasting Icelandic beers. Afterward, you´ll see the old fishing village „Hafnir“ which has an impressive looking black church. We´ll drive over to the European part of Iceland and take a look at the bridge between two continents, Europe and North America. It´s always fashionable to take a photo holding the bridge. There you can taste fermented shark and the famous Black Death liqueur. Don’t worry; it won’t give you the plague. 

We´ll continue to show you another lighthouse called „Reykjanesviti“ which is on top of a hill with great scenery. The area has incredible cliffs, and when you get to the top of them, you´ll see some amazing view over the ocean. There we will have a food tasting of different Icelandic cheeses and meat to give you energy for the next stop. So, after eating we´ll take you to a geothermal area where you can see a hot spring named „Gunnuhver.“  While we drive between locations, we´ll give you a taste of Icelandic Skyr and dried fish jerky. Next up on this tour is Brimketill. It looks like a hot spring tub near the ocean, but it´s just cold seawater. Some people swim in it even though it‘s freezing, but it can be dangerous with the mighty ocean currents.

Our last stop before heading back to the airport is the walking path near the Blue Lagoon. There, you are surrounded by beautiful lava formations in an almost surreal environment. It’s a great way to end the tour since it leaves you in awe of Iceland. Who knows, maybe you´ll be tempted to come back, and not just on a layover! 


Taste a variety of what Iceland has to offer in a 3-4 hour layover tour. We have put together this fantastic layover tour with a great combination of Icelandic nature, food, and beer tasting. This tour is ideal for nature and food lovers who are stopping in Iceland for a short period. We have local Viking guides to show you around the youngest part of Iceland and tell you all about it. While you enjoy the incredible landscape of Icelandic nature, you will be having some great delicacies and Icelandic beers and wine.


4 hours


English, Icelandic

Meeting point:

Pick up at Keflavik airport


Airport pick up & drop off

Main stops:

Brimketill, Garðskagaviti, Gunnuhver, Hafnir, Lava walking path, Reykjanesviti, The bridge between two continents

Starting time:



4 hours


Airport pick up & drop off


English, Icelandic

Meeting point

Pick up at Keflavik airport


Every day

Starting time


Main stops

Brimketill, Garðskagaviti, Gunnuhver, Hafnir, Lava walking path, Reykjanesviti, The bridge between two continents

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