Reykjanes Peninsula, food & drink tour

See a geothermal area

Taste Icelandic food and drinks

Walk between the European and North American continents

Enjoy the famous Icelandic Hot dog

Visit the old ghost in Gunnuhver hot spring

You can be dropped off at Blue Lagoon

Airport pick up or drop off

Tour description

The best thing about the Reykjanes Peninsula tour is that the peninsula is a kind of mini-version of Iceland. In six hours we can show you so many different things, like a geothermal area, fishing villages, magnificent cliffs, and lava fields.

Explore an intriguing part of Iceland in the best way possible, with a local guide. This excellent six-hour tour gives you the opportunity to explore the stunning scenery that Reykjanes peninsula has to offer. There is no better way to experience the youngest part of Iceland than with a local nature-loving guide who knows all the best spots and stories.

A knowledgeable guide will pick you up at your hotel, guesthouse or one of the bus stop downtown in Reykjavik(see list of bus stops here) before you start your journey. While driving to one of Iceland´s oldest fishing village,

First stop is the top of the peninsula. There we have these two lighthouses that are located on breathtaking spot. All around, you can see the ocean and the waves. Right next to one of the lighthouses is old wooden boat on dry. It has a little dock around it so it looks like in the old days. It is really popular to do the dramaticTitanic scene on the bow of the boat.

Next up is the oldest and probably the most historical village on Reykjanes Peninsula. Who did live there 1.300 year ago? Can you still see his house? Why is there a black church there? Why is there an 130 years old anchor there? What did happen to this town? There is so much to tell there!

Next, you will drive from the North American part of Iceland (geologically speaking) over to the European continent. We know, it’s a bit confusing, but your guide will explain everything. There, you can walk between the two continents and also take pictures of yourself holding the bridge between the continents. It’s a popular photo spot.

Now, Iceland has many geothermal areas, and we’re taking you to see a fantastic one. You will visit the female ghost named Gunna. She has a hot spring named after her, Gunnuhver. Some people say that they can feel the air getting colder when she visits.  The whole area is known for its colorful geothermal field of mud pools, and you´ll see steam vents almost boiling under your feet.

Not far from Gunnuhver is the oldest lighthouse in Iceland. It stands on a tall hill with great views. It´s incredible to be near the lighthouse and hear the stories the place has to keep. The whole peninsula is rich with history, and the guide will tell you everything he knows. At the lighthouse you can see other beautiful cliffs and marvel at the ocean, especially the islands close to the cliffs.

One of our favorite locations is next on the itinerary. Because Iceland is full of extremes, we tend to like extreme activities. This one is ideal. If you want extremes as well, you can take a bath in the seawater tub named Brimketill. It is situated right next to the ocean. It is freezing though and should be approached with caution because of the strong ocean currents and waves. But, some people think it’s incredible to bathe in Brimketill, so we keep that as an option.

The last stop before heading back to the Reykjavik is the walking path next to the Blue Lagoon. There you can enjoy fantastic lava fields in a surreal nature environment. It’s a great way to end the tour since it leaves you in awe of Iceland and especially the volcanically active Reykjanes peninsula.

In between stops you will have a taste of the Icelandic hot dog, our popular soda drink Malt, cinnamon buns and fermented shark with a shot of Black Death.



-Take a look of Icelands first settlers house

-Black Church

-Bridge Between two continents

-Gunnuhver mud pools

-Reykjanesviti Lighthouse

-Reykjanes cliffs


-Blue Lagoon walking path


6 hours


English, Icelandic

Meeting point:

Pick up at hotel


Free wifi, Hotel pick up & drop off

Starting time:



6 hours

Meeting point

Pick up at hotel


English, Icelandic


Free wifi, Hotel pick up & drop off

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Every day



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