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There are few phenomena in nature as mysterious and beautiful as the Aurora borealis – The Northern lights.

Even after seeing them countless times they never cease to amaze, and on still and cold and silent nights it is almost as you can hear them as they dance across the arctic sky in their mythologic ballet. Even knowing exactly what they are on a scientific scale, solar wind particles, mainly electrons and protons crashing into earth´s upper atmosphere, where they dissolve and lose their energy due to the earth´s magnetic field: they still feel as though the Gods are trying to communicate with you.

It often makes the mind wander to about a 1200 years ago, when Iceland´s settlers came to this island and stood under this fantastic spectacle and surely they wondered what Odin and Thor and Freyja were trying to tell them. Our guide will pick you and your group up at your accommodation and we will head out of town in search of these lights. We will head into darkness as the light pollution from human beings spoils the true effect and grandeur of these amazing communication relays from the Gods.

Hopefully we will see them. The conditions have to be right as we can´t see them unless it´s a clear night sky and few clouds to block the view. But the Aurora Borealis answer to no man. It´s a chase. If the lights appear they do, but they don´t seem to care what humans think about them. But you will get a cup of hot chocolate just like grandma used to make and delicious pastries from Bread and Co on the site. And hopefully you will get a message from one of the Gods.

What happens if I don´t see any lights?
If you will miss the Northern Lights, you can come again for free while you are staying in Iceland. If you can not make it, you can come back any time you want. Send us an e-mail at info@reykjavikout.is.


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4 hours


English, Icelandic

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Free wifi, Pick up, drop off, food & drinks


4 hours


English, Icelandic

Meeting point

Pick up and drop off

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